Aakuta: the Dark Mage - Reviews

Book Four of the Forgotten Legacy

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Review 1: Patricia Spork - eBook Reviews Weekly

I highly recommend Aakuta: the Dark Mage

Richard S. Tuttle introduces a new "main" character (Aakuta) to his target audience in an intriguing way, and with appetizing appeal. Although Aakuta: the Dark Mage deals much with politics of control in Khadora, Mr. Tuttle sets the readers up for following books in the "Forgotten Legacy" series, and leaves one wondering who exactly is Aakuta, and how will this mage continue his role in saving or overpowering Khadora. I highly recommend "Aakuta: the Dark Mage," especially for fans of the "Forgotten Legacy" series.

Review 2:

Molly Martin -  Reviews by Molly


Exciting Read …….. Recommended ……….. 5 stars

With Aakuta: the Dark Mage, Book 4 forgotten legacy writer Tuttle maintains his customary admirable writing in the exhilarative manner readers have come to anticipate. This vibrating tale seizes reader attention from the outset with a keenly focused account. Readers are propelled along on a breathless jaunt filled with first class dialogue, nicely interwoven plots, and a masterfully engineered story line in this narrative of struggle, treacherousness and conspiracy. Conflict abounds and is aptly resolved to reader satisfaction.

In each of his previous works Richard Tuttle’s abundant imagination has carried the reader on many an exciting journey filled with well portrayed, creditable characters, tart dialogue to move the tale forward, and deftly captured environment filled with exciting locations, situations and circumstance. Aakuta: the Dark Mage Book 4 forgotten legacy furthers reader enjoyment with people and lands introduced in the work all flourishing under Tuttle’s skillful pen.

Aakuta: the Dark Mage Book 4 forgotten legacy is a spine tingling read sure to please those who enjoy a good fantasy complete with quest, hero, magik and divertissement. This is an excellent choice for upper grade youngsters and young adult’s pleasure reading. All who enjoy the genre will find the work more than acceptable.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.


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