Abuud: the One-Eyed God

Review by Molly Martin , Reviews by Molly

Abuud: the One-Eyed God: Book Three of Sword of Heavens by Richard S. Tuttle


Superb Read Highly recommended 5 stars

Abuud the One Eyed God  Book 3 of the Sword of Heavens series is third in this series set in a mythical land contrived by ingenious writer Richard Tuttle.  Tuttle’s inventiveness again serves him well. Abuud the One Eyed God is filled with all the vigorous, engaging populace we have come to appreciate.  Tuttle’s unparalleled use of language coupled with his invariably fecund imaginativeness come to the fore in this well crafted composition.  Writer Tuttle once more sets hearty, palmary characters against a framework of phenomenon, timbre and fragrance.  Settings are described in lush detail allowing the reader to feel, see, smell and hear the milieu.  Tuttle’s characters continue to be beleaguered with many of the very imperfections and peculiarity as are found in all and it is those peccadilloes that cause Tuttle wrought population to be so believable.   Hero and villain alike apperceive euphoria, frustration, calamity, debacle as well as conquest.  They all exhibit about the same conduct as any of might in any given situation.  Of course, it is that eminence of emotion and performance is precisely that causes Tuttle’s books to be a delight to read.  Whether wicked or good, mortal, unicorn, or fairy the reader is able to easily recognize the situation, the emotion felt by the character and the behavior exhibited.

Completed with the ardent energy, assiduous course of action and entertaining dialogue exemplifying each of Tuttle’s works; Abuud the One Eyed God Book 3 Sword of Heavens series is an electrifying read.  The reader is moved along from action to action, situation to situation as the determined crusaders at last reach their goal.   Told in twenty-eight chapters the tumult continues through the battles, adventures and the locating of the diamond.

Tuttle again adds a map of the known world, and a recap of the two previous books of the Sword of Heavens series for those who have not yet read the books.  I enjoyed the read and look forward to Dwarven Ruby, the next in the series of seven works.

Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

The sapphire fitted into the Sword of Heavens followed by the Unicorns' opal continues the magical transformation begun in the world of the five collapse children in the first and second books of this series.  Diffusing, pervading Darkness is almost completely gone now as the Alcea Rangers continue their quest for the final gem, The Diamond of Edona, which when added to the sword will push back the Darkness even more.  In this work we learn a bit more about ‘Uncle Boris.’ The Warrior Unicorns along with the fairy band we met previously have joined Arik, Tedi, Alex, Jenneva and Tanya as the quintet press forward.  Black Death, evil mages, pilgrims, and a strange statue all figure in the tale as The Dark One's forces endeavor to keep his power intact.  Arik and his band are again beset in battle with goblins, Sarac’s death squad who have already proven so difficult continue their quest to destroy the heir.  The breastplate of Alcea worn by Arik is recognized as the one worn by King Auric in days of old.






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