Amethyst of the Gods

Review by Molly Martin , Reviews by Molly

Amethyst of the Gods: Book Seven of Sword of Heavens by Richard S. Tuttle


Interesting read Recommended 5 stars

With Amethyst of the Gods writer Tuttle rounds out the Sword of Heaven series in the same exciting fashion readers have come to expect. Powerful motivations, shrewdly interwoven, suspense filled story line, a complicated yarn of treachery, strife judiciously resolved and a gratifying culmination are all part of this impressive read.

Richard Tuttle’s rich imagination has carried the reader on an exciting journey from the days when we first met the Alcea Rangers, suffered in the eternal darkness and came to dread the evil Sarac to adventure upon adventure as the various stones needed to complete the Sword of Heaven and restore the light were located, retrieved and placed into the handle of the weapon. Credible characters, well fleshed, struggling against all odds, colloquy filled with poignancy, tingle and grit, all perform against an environment of noteworthy scenes, reverberations and fragrance. The people and land all come to life under Tuttle’s skillful pen.

Exciting read sure to please those who enjoy a good fantasy complete with quest, hero, magik and divertissement. Nice addition to the home and school library where Amethyst of the Gods is sure to be read by the upper grade youngsters who enjoy the genre.

Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

As with the other volumes of the Sword of Heaven Amethyst of the Gods opens with a Map detailing the land in which the tale is taken. A recap of what has taken place to date is included to reacquaint the reader with some of the action included in the previous works. The Alcea Rangers Five collapse children Arik, Tedi, Tanya, Nikki and Fredrik set out to restore the sapphire of the fairies to the Sword of Heaven thus opening the way for the darkness covering the land to be broken, light is now restored to the land of Cordonia. Alex and Jenneva Tork; Garth and Kalina, serve as mentors to the youngsters in their quest. Two of the young people are children of the ancient prophecy. Other stones are sought next to complete the Sword and return the land to its rightful inhabitants. The Unicorn’s Opal, Diamond of Edona, Dwarven Ruby, Emerald of the Elves, Dragon’s onyx all must be located. Wylan, Master Khatama, King Arik, all figure in the tale. Emperor Hanchi attacks to find himself facing both Sordoan armies and Melbin guards

Lanoirians breach city wall only to be repelled, magically tossed away from ladder. Arik is aware that Dalgar has nine black devils with him and decides that he will not the magic produced either Tanya or Jenneva’s until the right time. Tanya’s offer to weaken axles on siege engines, catapult arms are quickly accepted by Arik.

The Army of Lanoir is huge, however Sarac is willing to lose many men in his headlong quest to crush Tagaret

At the Tagaret Sword and Shield inn Alex and Jenneva meet a spider: a spy and an old comrade.

A siege, a flag of truce, wild horses and the evil priest of Leda all figure in the tale. The mountain of death, an ancient bridge, the amethyst, trolls, and Tanya falling into an abyss are more of the adventure. A door that will not open, a battle with demons, a plan, love realized, and a wedding round out the tale.







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