Army of the Dead

Review by Patricia Spork

Army of the Dead: Book Eight of Forgotten Legacy by Richard S. Tuttle


I enjoyed this final tale of Forgotten Legacy--wonderful ending for the series! 


Marak [The Torak]; Lyra [The Star of Sakova] and Rejji [The Astor] fulfill their destiny as ordained by their God [Kaltara] in this final saga of the Forgotten Legacy. The three brave leaders prepare defensive measures to thwart the devious mage Vand, who is empowered by his demonic God, Dobuk.

Although grossly outnumbered by Vandís servitudal mages, ape-like creatures and Motangan army, mainland spies infiltrate the enemy forces and gain advance knowledge of the planned naval attacks. This Time of Cleansing proves fatal for both sides, as fields are burned, starvation endured and mass casualties result.

Even with mages, elves, cat people, giant spiders and a flying dragon to aid in defense, outwitting and overpowering Vand proves more difficult than imagined, especially since heís guarded by six demons and raises the dead to fight for his dark cause. How then can the prophesized leaders defeat such a powerful enemy?

Richard S. Tuttle aptly describes defensive and offensive war strategies in this fantasy tale of good against evil. His characters - most introduced in earlier books from this series - hold true to their noble or deviant convictions to the end. Army of the Dead, although ending the Forgotten Legacy series, is like a new beginning for the author, for Mr. Tuttle can now acquaint his fans with other fantastical tales and timeless characters.

Review by Patricia Spork, Independent Book Reviewer





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