Dwarven Ruby

Review by Molly Martin - Reviews by Molly

Dwarven Ruby: Book Four of Sword of Heavens by Richard S. Tuttle


"Enjoyed the read highly recommended 5 stars."

Once again Writer Tuttle’s fertile imagination holds him in good stead. Dwarven Ruby is filled with all the calenture, fervor of setting and page turning fast paced drama found in the previous offerings crafted by this talented author. Dwarven Ruby brings the reader further into a land where disingenuousness, hegemony and magic rule. We are treated to an enduring saga peopled with characters who continue to advance, evolve and improve in detail with each new offering. Champions have become even more dauntless. Miscreants are more villainous. The young and intrepid have aged, perhaps mellowed a bit but have not lost the gallant verve of spirit.

This well written work showcases Tuttle’s fiery passion for the genre. Puissant motivations, propensity for ingeniously interwoven story line, suspenseful lavishly drawn settings are all part and parcel of what we have come to expect from this clever writer. The reader is drawn straight into the ongoing tale from the opening paragraph of this installment and is carried along on an exciting scramble past those who are determined to stop the Prince of Alcea any cost. Interest is sustained right down to the last line when we find Master Khatama has once again sustained a collapse.

Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

The saga of the Sword of Heavens continues as The Alcea Rangers move forward in their mission to retrieve the objects needed to send the darkness shrouding the land into oblivion for all time. This particular episode opens as Arik gazes up at the night sky. Tossing a glass bead into the fire produces a smoke indicating where the quest will lead next. The gem stone the group must now find is the Dwarven Ruby. Tedi is heartened to know that his abducted mother is held not far from where he and the stalwart Ranger band are encamped. Master Khatama with the aid of Tanya and Jenneva is restored to better health. His memory is shaky however the mage is alive. Setting out with Boris, Nikki and Bin-lu Tedi vows to bring Lara to safety or die in the attempt. The Rangers face a host of problems of their own as they once again face goblins, ogres and Sarac’s Ravens. Fire glue, magic, lost memory all play an integral part in this tale. Prince Midge once more serves as the eyes and ears for Arik as the heir continues to thwart Sarac and his evil plans. With the return of the ruby the Darkness is moved further from the people Sarac has tormented for so long.






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