Review by Darryl Kenning - Science Fiction Editor, Reading for Pleasure

Demonkin: Book Four of Demonstone Chronicles by Richard S. Tuttle


highly recommended as a top notch read for all ages.  

If you love good fantasy novels and particularly enjoy series stories, then my friends you are in luck. Richard S. Tuttle has created the fourth novel in his series, Demonstone Chronicles.

DEMONKIN continues the high adventure as a group of hardy heroes travel throughout the evil kingdom attempting to stop the invasion of their homeland and the destruction of their way of life.  

After you have read this one I’m confident you will search out the other novels by this prolific author.

This is one of Mr. Tuttle’s best novels to date, and will be enjoyed by long time fantasy readers and those just starting in the fantasy genre. 

Available in a variety of formats it is highly recommended as a top notch read for all ages.

Darryl Kenning, Science Fiction editor for Reading for Pleasure






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