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Elvangar: Book Six of Forgotten Legacy by Richard S. Tuttle


Richard S. Tuttle is again at his writing best

Richard S. Tuttle is again at his writing best in "Elvangar: Book Six of Forgotten Legacy. The author's ability to continue this saga in a dramatic, exciting tone is to be commended. Intrigue and suspense fill the book, as does much action, and even romance. The ending is quite fulfilling, and sets the reader up for the next book in the series. I very highly recommend "Elvangar: Book Six of Forgotten Legacy," to all Richard S. Tuttle fans, and to anyone who's never read this author's fantastical fantasy tales.

  Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

"Elvangar" by Richard S. Tuttle continues the saga of the Forgotten Legacy. Reunited elf sisters, Mistake and Misty Trail, survived the Island of Darkness, and rescued two male elves, Caldal and Eltor. Now, they provide Lord Marak, Emperor of Khadora, enough information for him to send a ship to "chart" the island's location, and plan for the defeat of Vand's navy.

Knowing a spy dwells on the Island of Darkness, Vand, the "false god," seeks to end long-distance communication amongst his rivals. He orders the kidnapping and interrogation of an enemy "mage," to learn about the magical "air tunnels" that Lord Marak implements for intercommunication with his allies.

Hoping to gain "Elvangar, The Land of the Elves" as an ally, Lord Marak (the Torak), Lyra (the Star), and Rejji (the Astor) journey to Elvangar - home to the false god's "hellsouls" - to prove to Eltor and Caldal that Vand caused the years-old hostility of elves to humans.

Afterwards, the elves, including Mistake and Misty Trail, travel to Elvangar to deliver Lord Marak's alliance request to elf royalty, Queen Alycia. But the elves are considered as traitors, since elf law allows no contact with humans; nor allows elves to leave Elvangar once there. So, by adhering to law, Queen Alycia may cause an unfulfilled prophecy, which could lead to the downfall of The Land of the Elves and give easy victory to Dobuk, The Fallen One - the mind-destroying demon who commands Vand and seeks revenge against the true god, Kaltara.





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