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Elvangar: Book Six of Forgotten Legacy by Richard S. Tuttle


Interesting read     Recommended         5 stars

Writer Tuttle is perfecting his craft with aplomb.  Elvangar is one of his best.  Tuttle’s tale weaves, dips and rushes through electrifying settings, touching situations and at times almost baffling episodes. Readers must keep on their toes. Characters we have learned to trust continue to speak to us through the magic of Writer Tuttle’s fertile imagination. Those who were ‘the bad guys’ in the previous editions in this series continue their dastardly machinations.  As with other’s in the series Tuttle includes a map so that the reader can orient thought to action.  Compelling dialogue, well fleshed characters, a forceful storyline are all presented against a backdrop sketched in such detail that the reader feels drawn into every situation.


Tuttle presents a quick review of the five  books preceding Elvangar to bring the reader beginning with this volume up to speed or to refresh the memory of those who may have allowed a bit time to elapse between reading the others and this.


Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend for the upper middle school to high school reader and for adults who enjoy the genre.  Tuttle’s books are a must have for the personal reading catalog, and the classroom and public library. 

Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

Thousands of years before this specific account begins we find ourselves in the land of elves where Kieran awakens ready to face the test he must take.  He hopes to score the highest points a young mage has ever scored.  Out in the harbor a dozen or more ships can be seen however, Kieran takes scant notice of them as he hurries through the elven village toward the temple where he will pray prior to taking his test.  Out of the blue Kieran’s devotions are interrupted; Angragar is attacking the elven people and it is Kieran who must take a message to the king. 


Assassins are busy and the humans are worried as the tale that is Elvangar begins.  Emperor Marak is having some problem with his clans, they shy from sending troops for training. Balomar soldiers halt in front of an inn, they are still quite a distance from the Khadoran city of Chantise when, without warning, a stranger heads for the front door of the inn, suddenly turns and hurls a knife at Lord Oktar.   Lord Oktar is saved by the quick thinking of one of his soldiers who springs between the knife and the nobleman.  On board a barge coming into Khadoratung, Mistake and her sister  MistyTrail are puzzled by the behavior of elves Eltor and Caldal.  What the girls do not know is that Queen Alycia in response to the bitter long past attack has given strict orders that forbid the elves even talking with humans.


On the Island of Darkness Vand is up to no good, an air mage from Raven’s Point is missing, assassins attack at the army encampment outside of the Sakovan city of Alamar, another attacks in Taggot, eight travelers descend out of the Fortung Mountains into Fakara; they too are attacked. Emperor Marak is hit with two arrows in the back, thousands of hellsouls are being shipped out of Motanga and the tale continues with chicanery, mystery and intrigue, until at last with magical projectiles hurtling toward them MistyTrail, and her companions try a little magic of their own and the story races forward at tearing speed culminating with a surprising, satisfying ending including a restoration of office and identity revealed.





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