Emerald of the Elves

Review by Molly Martin - Reviews by Molly

Emerald of the Elves: Book Five of Sword of Heavens by Richard S. Tuttle


"Spine tingling read … Highly Recommended  … 5 stars"

Talented writer Tuttle continues his spell binding Sword of Heaven series with another original segment of the tale. As with others in the series Tuttle includes both a detailed map of the world he has created and a recap of the Sword of Heavens narrative to date.

From the opening lines of Book 5 Emerald of the Elves when a resounding scream brings everyone to alert right down to the last paragraphs when the morning sun breaks across the sky the reader is held captivated. Tuttle continues his story line, subplot convoluted tale with a deftness not often found, transitions are handled with skill keeping the flow of reading smooth and without interruption as the captivated reader is moved from imbroglio to predicament .

By the time the reader is ready to begin Book 5 the characters are old friends. Readers are treated to more of writer Tuttle’s first class exchanges between various players, zestful action and pleasantly puzzling incertitude. Friction in abundance is present, handled with skill and resolved to the satisfaction of the reader. Dialogue between characters is believable, filled with emotion and downright gritty at times. Motivation behind character action is reasonable, acceptable and something the reader can feel themselves capable of accomplishing in a similar circumstance.

Zenith of the narrative was gratifying, the reader can anticipate this particular outcome without quandary or controversy. The Culmination was a natural outcome of the action in this well written tale crafted by a master story-teller.

Excellent book for a weekend home when weather won’t let you get out much, or a week at the beach.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.

Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

As darkness rolls back and dwarves cheer and scream. Queen Marta; has secured the throne in Tagaret. However the city is still not safe for Prince Arik, the Prince of Alcea. Bin Lu, Wylan, and fairy Prince Midge continue to play an important part in the quest to completely free the land from the hold of the darkness. Egam/Boris/Master continues to collapse whenever a gem is inserted in Sword of Heaven. Jenneva will probe his mind, and Tanya will administer a healing spell. How much more can Boris tolerate? There are still more gems to gather. Fireballs, Sarac’s ravens, magic protection all are part of the ensuing conflicts. Bin Lu is injured by fireballs, is taken to elves for healing and awakens with powers he did not possess before, or perhaps powers he did not know he possessed. Jenneva’s daughter is revealed. Queen Lyander wears a special emerald neckpiece and a Magical Glade beckons. The Alcea Rangers cannot fly the unicorns; ravens are too close. The army of Lanoir is on the march north, the forces of Emperor Hanchi, Sarac and Abuud will converge. Prince Arik must take steps toward assuming the rule of Alcea. The quest for the Emerald of the Elves is further confounded by Queen Lyander’s wish that the Ancient Prophecy not be completed by failure to locate all the gems needed for the Sword of Heavens. An astonishing truth regarding the darkness is discovered by the Mage. What that truth portends is frightening beyond belief.






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