Island of Darkness

Review by Patricia Spork , eBook Reviews Weekly

Island of Darkness: Book Five of Forgotten Legacy by Richard S. Tuttle


I recommend Island of Darkness

Richard S. Tuttle delivers another enticing fantasy tale in the continuing saga of the Forgotten Legacy series. "Island of Darkness" introduces previous characters and new, all well developed and intriguing. The ability to create new stories, while interweaving the old with the new, to lead a series forward, is a great feat for any writer - a feat that Richard S. Tuttle seems to handle with ease.

Although "Island of Darkness," the fifth in Mr. Tuttle's Forgotten
Legacy series, is luke-warm as compared to previous books, it is still filled with engaging action, devious deceit, ongoing friendships, triumphant solutions to a myriad of problems, and leaves me desirous for reading the next book in the series. So I recommend "Island of Darkness: Book 5 of the Forgotten Legacy," for young adults and adults who enjoy well-written fantasy tales and the never-ending imagination of the author, Richard S. Tuttle.

Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

Lyra, the "Star of Sakova," is determined to have peace between her people - the Sakovans - and to their years' old enemies, the Omungans. Secret negotiations with Omunga's First Minister provides Lyra positive results for a peaceful treaty between the two nations, only if the minister is voted the "Katana" - leader of the Omungans.

But after Larst, the First Minister, is appointed Katana, he continues the 1,000-year war with the Sakovans, even with his people starving and disease rampant in Omunga. Lyra cannot understand the about-face of her friend and co-dignitary. She wonders if Larst's body has been consumed by an evil mage, and if the diseases to animals and crop fields is not magically mage related as well. So Lyra devises a plan to provide food to the Omungans, village by village, in return for their allegiance to the Star of Sakova.

During this time, two orphaned elves, Mistake and Misty Trail, are reunited. The sisters embark on a quest to locate other family members. When they are stranded on an island, they uncover a plot to destroy Sakovans and all of the free world. Flesh-eating great apes and other slave types are building ships to carry thousands of warriors to the mainland. Mistake and Misty Trail also learn that Vand, the God of Motanga, a most powerful mage of eternal life, is the plot's perpetrator, and that without their intervention, Vand may conquer and dominate the world.







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