Island of Darkness

Review by Molly Martin , Reviews by Molly

Island of Darkness: Book Five of Forgotten Legacy by Richard S. Tuttle


Invigorating Read ... Recommended …. 5 stars

With Island of Darkness, writer Tuttle continues his popular Forgotten Legacy series. Writer Tuttle once more pits abundant, creditable characters against an environment of resonance, incidents, and aromas. Profuse detail allows the reader to perceive, experience, and witness the situations experienced by characters first hand. In this well written work Tuttle’s always fertile imagination united with his peerless use of expression once again are more than evident. As always Tuttle’s characters are portrayed with the idiosyncrasy and flaws as will be found in all of us. Heroes are admirable and generally very likeable villains are horrible and terrifying. Whether nefarious or virtuous, human, elf, Sakovan or krul the reader is able to easily identify the conduct exhibited, the feeling felt by the character and the circumstances.

The reader is moved along from action to action, situation to situation as dogged characters remain focused upon their goal. Told in thirty-six chapters the excitement continues through the battles, adventures and a final satisfactory resolution. Island of Darkness does not disappoint.

Island of Darkness, Book 5 forgotten legacy is an excellent read. From the opening line when we come face to face with Aakuta, the reader is drawn right into the action. Reader interest is held fast to the last paragraph as we join Lyra, The Star of Sakova in a prayer of thanksgiving. Island of Darkness is sure to please all who enjoy an invigorating fantasy complete with villains, heroes, quest, excitement and magik. This is an superb choice for the upper grade youngster’s and young adult’s pleasure reading shelf. Island of Darkness has a place on the fantasy enthusiast home library shelf as well as in the school library. All who enjoy the genre are sure to find Island of Darkness more than acceptable.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.

Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

The tale begins with Aakuta entering Vandegar Temple. Across the face of the building an unnatural windstorm blew great columns of sand across the face of the building. From that beginning the tale moves quickly to Larst, newly chosen Kantana of the Omungan people. The leader will not long enjoy his position; Karnic, an evil mage sees to that. A strange disease begins destroying crops growing in the fields. Food shortages are threatening the almost peace fostering between Omunga and Sakova. The Star of Sakova fears an even greater threat than the impending starvation of much of the population. Lyra, Star of Sakova, is faced with quite a predicament. In order to thwart the problem she is sure will be coming she must aid the Omungans and perhaps compromise her own people. The Wound of Kaltara, an elf named Mistake and Sakovan assassin HawkShadow move the tale forward. Mistake is positive the small woman they are joining will prove to be her sister. MistyTrail has no such feeling, she knows that her family was lost long ago during a storm at sea. She was rescued from the sea by a Sakovan fisherman. Mistake reveals she too was rescued from the sea during the Year of the Storm, however, she was plucked from the water by a Fakaran fisherman. The pair set out to learn something of their past, and perhaps something of their future. Vand, a bloodthirsty being, huge hairy kruls, more than one mage and the Island of Darkness bring the sisters to more danger than they had ever reckoned.







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