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"... one of this century's leading authors of innovative fantasy tales."

Patricia Spork, eBook Reviews Weekly

28 December 2003 Island of Darkness, volume 5 of Forgotten Legacy released in eBook and print formats.


02 December 2003 Young Lord of Khadora listed as the Highest Rated Fantasy book on


14 November 2003 Aakuta: the Dark Mage reviewed by Patricia Spork - ebook Reviews Weekly

"I highly recommend "Aakuta: the Dark Mage..."

11 November 2003 Sapphire of the Fairies reviewed by Patricia Spork - ebook Reviews Weekly

" of this century's leading authors of innovative fantasy tales."

After the "Collapse of the Universes," caused by the "Dark One," days are dim without sunlight, and nights darker without moonlight.  Life is chaotic and hazardous for the innocent in Sordoa, as marauding bandits and armies raid and fight each other for a share of any bounty obtained by one or the other.

A prophecy foretells that children born the year of the "Collapse" will rise up to slay the Dark One.  So Sarac, a lethal wizard, the "Dark One," has Wolinda (an evil witch) and his "Dark Riders" searching for and killing any child born in the year of the "Collapse".

Arik Clava and Tedi Markel - both seventeen-year-old sons of fishermen - were born in the year of the "Collapse". To avoid being killed by Wolinda and the Dark Riders, Arik and Tedi are forced to leave their homes.

When a bandit warrior, Garth Shado, saves the boys' lives, Arik and Tedi travel with the assassin and his gypsy woman, Kalina. Garth becomes Arik and Tedi's mentor, training them for warfare. During their travels, three other teens, also born the year of the "Collapse," join their small group. Tanya is trained in warrior ways, and Niki and Fredrik wield magical powers. The growing group becomes the "Alcea Rangers," when the young adults learn their destiny is to bring light to the world again. So a quest begins for locating seven missing gems for the "Sword of Heavens" - the only weapon that can destroy the Dark One, who is shielded by "Black Devils" - all powerful magicians.

Richard S. Tuttle's "Sapphire of the Fairies: Book One of Sword of Heavens" starts seventeen years after his "Targa Trilogy," and appears to be an excellent follow-up to that series. Characters are well fleshed out, through description and imaginative dialogue techniques.  Action abounds throughout the book, as do the growing relationships between the characters.

One thing I really like about Mr. Tuttle's writing (I've read several of his books), is how well he can describe everything without being overly prosy. But I was disappointed with some of the characters' names (e.g., "Pixy," for a fairy - so generic, to me, when I expect more imagination from this author); and the first paragraph of the novel, as I feel Mr. Tuttle could have hooked a reader much better by following up and emphasizing on the first sentence, rather than by jumping to the setting's history in the next couple of sentences, then introducing two characters, one with name, the other without. To me, that first paragraph was unsettling. But after muddling through it, the pace picked up and was maintained throughout.

Even though disappointment was caused, Richard S. Tuttle's imagination and writing talents continue to amaze me, as I'm sure it does his other fans. "Sapphire of the Fairies," in my opinion, is another writing success for Richard S. Tuttle, who I believe is one of this century's leading authors of innovative fantasy tales. I highly recommend "Sapphire of the Fairies:  Book One of Sword of Heavens," for the book is sure (again, my opinion) to become a collector's item in the future, as will all fantasy novels written by Richard S. Tuttle.

26 October 2003 - Emerald of the Elves reviewed by Molly's Reviews

Spine tingling read ……. Highly Recommended ……. 5 stars

As darkness rolls back and dwarves cheer and scream. Queen Marta; has secured the throne in Tagaret. However the city is still not safe for Prince Arik, the Prince of Alcea. Bin Lu, Wylan, and fairy Prince Midge continue to play an important part in the quest to completely free the land from the hold of the darkness. Egam/Boris/Master continues to collapse whenever a gem is inserted in Sword of Heaven. Jenneva will probe his mind, and Tanya will administer a healing spell. How much more can Boris tolerate? There are still more gems to gather. Fireballs, Sarac’s ravens, magic protection all are part of the ensuing conflicts. Bin Lu is injured by fireballs, is taken to elves for healing and awakens with powers he did not possess before, or perhaps powers he did not know he possessed. Jenneva’s daughter is revealed. Queen Lyander wears a special emerald neckpiece and a Magical Glade beckons. The Alcea Rangers cannot fly the unicorns; ravens are too close. The army of Lanoir is on the march north, the forces of Emperor Hanchi, Sarac and Abuud will converge. Prince Arik must take steps toward assuming the rule of Alcea. The quest for the Emerald of the Elves is further confounded by Queen Lyander’s wish that the Ancient Prophecy not be completed by failure to locate all the gems needed for the Sword of Heavens. An astonishing truth regarding the darkness is discovered by the Mage. What that truth portends is frightening beyond belief.

Talented writer Tuttle continues his spell binding Sword of Heaven series with another original segment of the tale. As with others in the series Tuttle includes both a detailed map of the world he has created and a recap of the Sword of Heavens narrative to date.

From the opening lines of Book 5 Emerald of the Elves when a resounding scream brings everyone to alert right down to the last paragraphs when the morning sun breaks across the sky the reader is held captivated. Tuttle continues his story line, subplot convoluted tale with a deftness not often found, transitions are handled with skill keeping the flow of reading smooth and without interruption as the captivated reader is moved from imbroglio to predicament .

By the time the reader is ready to begin Book 5 the characters are old friends. Readers are treated to more of writer Tuttle’s first class exchanges between various players, zestful action and pleasantly puzzling incertitude. Friction in abundance is present, handled with skill and resolved to the satisfaction of the reader. Dialogue between characters is believable, filled with emotion and downright gritty at times. Motivation behind character action is reasonable, acceptable and something the reader can feel themselves capable of accomplishing in a similar circumstance.

Zenith of the narrative was gratifying, the reader can anticipate this particular outcome without quandary or controversy. The Culmination was a natural outcome of the action in this well written tale crafted by a master story-teller.

Excellent book for a weekend home when weather won’t let you get out much, or a week at the beach.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.

21 October 2003 - Aakuta: the Dark Mage released in ebook formats


20 August 2003 - Amethyst of the Gods released in Microsoft Reader format.


28 June 2003 - Dwarven Ruby reviewed by Molly's Reviews

Enjoyed the read highly recommended 5 stars

The saga of the Sword of Heavens continues as The Alcea Rangers move forward in their mission to retrieve the objects needed to send the darkness shrouding the land into oblivion for all time. This particular episode opens as Arik gazes up at the night sky. Tossing a glass bead into the fire produces a smoke indicating where the quest will lead next. The gem stone the group must now find is the Dwarven Ruby. Tedi is heartened to know that his abducted mother is held not far from where he and the stalwart Ranger band are encamped. Master Khatama with the aid of Tanya and Jenneva is restored to better health. His memory is shaky however the mage is alive. Setting out with Boris, Nikki and Bin-lu Tedi vows to bring Lara to safety or die in the attempt. The Rangers face a host of problems of their own as they once again face goblins, ogres and Sarac’s Ravens. Fire glue, magic, lost memory all play an integral part in this tale. Prince Midge once more serves as the eyes and ears for Arik as the heir continues to thwart Sarac and his evil plans. With the return of the ruby the Darkness is moved further from the people Sarac has tormented for so long.

Once again Writer Tuttle’s fertile imagination holds him in good stead. Dwarven Ruby is filled with all the calenture, fervor of setting and page turning fast paced drama found in the previous offerings crafted by this talented author. Dwarven Ruby brings the reader further into a land where disingenuousness, hegemony and magic rule. We are treated to an enduring saga peopled with characters who continue to advance, evolve and improve in detail with each new offering. Champions have become even more dauntless. Miscreants are more villainous. The young and intrepid have aged, perhaps mellowed a bit but have not lost the gallant verve of spirit.

This well written work showcases Tuttle’s fiery passion for the genre. Puissant motivations, propensity for ingeniously interwoven story line, suspenseful lavishly drawn settings are all part and parcel of what we have come to expect from this clever writer. The reader is drawn straight into the ongoing tale from the opening paragraph of this installment and is carried along on an exciting scramble past those who are determined to stop the Prince of Alcea any cost. Interest is sustained right down to the last line when we find Master Khatama has once again sustained a collapse.

29 March 2003 - Abuud: the One-Eyed God reviewed by Molly's Reviews

Superb Read Highly Recommended - 5 Stars

Abuud the One Eyed God  Book 3 of the Sword of Heavens series is third in this series set in a mythical land contrived by ingenious writer Richard Tuttle.  Tuttle’s inventiveness again serves him well. Abuud the One Eyed God is filled with all the vigorous, engaging populace we have come to appreciate.  Tuttle’s unparalleled use of language coupled with his invariably fecund imaginativeness come to the fore in this well crafted composition.  Writer Tuttle once more sets hearty, palmary characters against a framework of phenomenon, timbre and fragrance.  Settings are described in lush detail allowing the reader to feel, see, smell and hear the milieu.  Tuttle’s characters continue to be beleaguered with many of the very imperfections and peculiarity as are found in all and it is those peccadilloes that cause Tuttle wrought population to be so believable.   Hero and villain alike apperceive euphoria, frustration, calamity, debacle as well as conquest.  They all exhibit about the same conduct as any of might in any given situation.  Of course, it is that eminence of emotion and performance is precisely that causes Tuttle’s books to be a delight to read.  Whether wicked or good, mortal, unicorn, or fairy the reader is able to easily recognize the situation, the emotion felt by the character and the behavior exhibited.

Completed with the ardent energy, assiduous course of action and entertaining dialogue exemplifying each of Tuttle’s works; Abuud the One Eyed God Book 3 Sword of Heavens series is an electrifying read.  The reader is moved along from action to action, situation to situation as the determined crusaders at last reach their goal.   Told in twenty-eight chapters the tumult continues through the battles, adventures and the locating of the diamond.

Tuttle again adds a map of the known world, and a recap of the two previous books of the Sword of Heavens series for those who have not yet read the books.  I enjoyed the read and look forward to Dwarven Ruby, the next in the series of seven works.

10 March 2003 - Web of Deceit reviewed by Patricia Spork of eBook Reviews Weekly


Richard S. Tuttle continues the Forgotten Legacy, following Young Lord of Khadora and Star of Sakova in superb manner. Web of Deceit is another masterfully written book, so much so, that the story will leave writers envious and readers fascinated by the imagination and creativity garnered by Mr. Tuttle. In my opinion, the fantasy Forgotten Legacy is comparable to the magnificent science fiction epic Star Wars, considering the many well-drawn out characters (heroes and villains), effective dialogue, defined settings and scenes, and the abundant conflicts and resolutions that form the sub-plots and main plot of the entire story of the seven book tale thus far. I very highly recommend Web of Deceit and the two other books mentioned above to all die-hard fantasy readers.


22 February 2003 - Dragons' Onyx released in Microsoft Reader and Hiebook formats


24 January 2003 - Star of Sakova reviewed by Patricia Spork of eBook Reviews Weekly


Richard S. Tuttle is to be doubly congratulated for Book Two of the Forgotten Legacy series. Star of Sakova is masterfully engineered, correlating his heroine's country's history to that of his hero's in Book One. The many characters are well fleshed and conflicts are abundant and aptly resolved to great satisfaction. I very highly recommend Star of Sakova: Book Two of Forgotten Legacy as a must read, especially as the follow-up to Book One of the fantasy series. Readers will not be disappointed!


5 January 2003 - Unicorns' Opal reviewed by  Molly Martin of Molly's Reviews


Superb Read Highly recommended - 5 Stars


 Unicorn’s Opal, Book 2 of Sword of Heavens series, is another in the exceptional series produced by talented writer Richard Tuttle. 


Tuttle’s quick wit, unprecedented use of words and fertile imagination all serve him well in crafting works of singular interest. 


Tuttle’s characters ... experience happiness, disappointment, defeat and victory with much the same behavior as any of us might. And, that is exactly what makes Tuttle’s books a joy to read. Whether human, unicorn, bird and evil mage we can identify with the character and the emotion felt.


Filled with the fast-paced action, industrious behavior and thoughtful dialogue typifying each of Tuttle’s works, Unicorn’s Opal, Book 2 of  the Sword of Heaven series, does not disappoint.


I found this to be one of the best...



3 January 2003 - Emerald of the Elves released in Microsoft Reader Format


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