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"... one of this century's leading authors of innovative fantasy tales."

Patricia Spork, eBook Reviews Weekly


6 December 2004 Winged Warrior reviewed by Patricia Spork, eBook Reviews Weekly

"...masterful saga of good against evil."

Richard S. Tuttle superbly conveys military strategies and religious faith in his fantasy book "Winged Warrior: Book 7 of Forgotten Legacy." Although these are not unusual topics in the Forgotten Legacy series, this book is second to the last in the series, and much is at stake for the final conclusion to this masterful saga of good against evil. Strategy and faith can lead to victory. So Mr. Tuttle fills "Winged Warrior" with both, for good and evil sides. So whose strategies and faith will lead to victory? Only Richard S. Tuttle knows for sure as he shares the conflicts encountered by protagonists and antagonists, leading readers to the final resolution and outcome of the Forgotten Legacy.

I recommend "Winged Warrior: Book 7 of Forgotten Legacy" to all Mr. Tuttle's fans and to anyone with an interest in fantasy tales.

14 October 2004 Elvangar reviewed by Patricia Spork, eBook Reviews Weekly.

Richard S. Tuttle is again at his writing best in "Elvangar: Book Six of Forgotten Legacy. The author's ability to continue this saga in a dramatic, exciting tone is to be commended. Intrigue and suspense fill the book, as does much action, and even romance. The ending is quite fulfilling, and sets the reader up for the next book in the series. I very highly recommend "Elvangar: Book Six of Forgotten Legacy," to all Richard S. Tuttle fans, and to anyone who's never read this author's fantastical fantasy tales.

1 October 2004 Interview of Richard S. Tuttle by Stephen Gambuti of


15 September 2004 Island of Darkness reviewed by Patricia Spork, eBook Reviews Weekly

Richard S. Tuttle delivers another enticing fantasy tale in the continuing saga of the Forgotten Legacy series. Island of Darkness introduces previous characters and new, all well developed and intriguing. The ability to create new stories, while interweaving the old with the new, to lead a series forward, is a great feat for any writer - a feat that Richard S. Tuttle seems to handle with ease.

12 July 2004 Winged Warrior, Book 7 of Forgotten Legacy released in ebook formats.


11 July 2004 Amethyst of the Gods reviewed by Molly Martin, Molly's Reviews.


Interesting read Recommended 5 stars

With Amethyst of the Gods writer Tuttle rounds out the Sword of Heaven series in the same exciting fashion readers have come to expect. Powerful motivations, shrewdly interwoven, suspense filled story line, a complicated yarn of treachery, strife judiciously resolved and a gratifying culmination are all part of this impressive read.

Richard Tuttle’s rich imagination has carried the reader on an exciting journey from the days when we first met the Alcea Rangers, suffered in the eternal darkness and came to dread the evil Sarac to adventure upon adventure as the various stones needed to complete the Sword of Heaven and restore the light were located, retrieved and placed into the handle of the weapon. Credible characters, well fleshed, struggling against all odds, colloquy filled with poignancy, tingle and grit, all perform against an environment of noteworthy scenes, reverberations and fragrance. The people and land all come to life under Tuttle’s skillful pen.

Exciting read sure to please those who enjoy a good fantasy complete with quest, hero, magik and divertissement. Nice addition to the home and school library where Amethyst of the Gods is sure to be read by the upper grade youngsters who enjoy the genre.


3 July 2004 All ebooks are now available in Mobipocket format. The Mobipocket version is available on this site as well as through bookstores across the web, including .for those interested in buying directly from mobipocket, here are the links to the books:


Targa Trilogy

Origin Scroll

Dark Quest

Ancient Prophecy


Sword of Heavens

Sapphire of the Fairies

Unicorn's Opal

Abuud: the One-Eyed God

Dwarven Ruby

Emerald of the Elves

Dragons' Onyx

Amethyst of the Gods


Forgotten Legacy

Young Lord of Khadora

Star of Sakova

Web of Deceit

Aakuta: the Dark Mage

Island of Darkness



13 March 2004 Elvangar reviewed by Darryl Kenning, Science Fiction Editor, Reading for Pleasure


highly recommended as a top notch read for all ages.  


Noted fantasy author Richard S. Tuttle has created yet another outstanding novel in the series Forgotten Legacy with Elvangar. The sixth book in the series, Elvangar continues the adventure in a tightly written and exciting story that blends seamlessly into the overall series. The author has written yet another first rate classic fantasy story that may be the best in the series to date. It left me anxious for the next story 


Available in softcover and as an e-book in a variety of formats it is highly recommended as a top notch read for all ages.


 Darryl Kenning, science fiction editor for Reading for Pleasure

22 February 2004 Elvangar, book 6 of Forgotten Legacy released in ebook formats.


08 February 2004 Dragons' Onyx reviewed by Molly Martin, Reviews by Molly


Enjoyed the read ……. Highly Recommended ……. 5 stars

Following a recap of the sword of heavens series to date Writer Tuttle’s fertile imagination again drives him forward. Dragons’ Onyx is filled many of the richly drawn series characters we have come to enjoy. Dialog is fraught with excitement. Settings rich in detail as Tuttle has filled his previous works continue in this gripping narrative. Powerful motivations, twists of story line, abundant conflict all are presented with the same enthusiasm, fervor of setting and page turning fast paced drama found in the previous offerings crafted by this talented author. Dragons’ Onyx brings the reader further into a land where craftiness and magic rule. We are again treated to an abiding story peopled with characters who only improve with each new offering. Victors grow more daring. Scoundrels are more unscrupulous as they realize power is slipping away from them. The young and intrepid continue aging, and still have not lost exuberance or vitality.

Dragons’ Onyx continues Tuttle’s fervid passion for the genre. Powerful motivations, cleverly interwoven plot, profusely drawn settings filled with incertitude are all part of what we have come to expect from this quick-witted writer. The reader is drawn straight into the ongoing tale from the opening paragraph of this installment when we read of Lattimer and his realization that something has happened in the magic fold of the world and is carried along on through the exhilarative struggle waged by Arik and his followers. Reader interest is maintained right down to the last paragraphs when Wyka praises Arik for accomplishing what he must.

Excellent addition to the home library for the fantasy enthusiast. Happy to recommend.

20 January 2004 Unicorns' Opal reviewed by Jeanette Cottrell, eBook Reviews Weekly


Mr. Tuttle shows skill in plotting his fantasy, and covers a wide territory, both strategic and political. However, the bad guys have all the best lines. Dialog among the heroes is apt to be repetitive and sometimes plodding. A couple of subplots took my fancy, notably the renegade Prophecy Child. Unicorns' Opal is fairly good fantasy with some interesting touches.



01 January 2004 Young Lord of Khadora reviewed by Darryl Kenning, science fiction editor of Reading for Pleasure


Author Richard S. Tuttle has created a classic fantasy novel in "Young Lord of Khadora". With a well scripted plot and  likeable characters this is an ideal book to introduce new readers to Fantasy literature and, as the first book in the series "Forgotten Legacy", it made me anxious to look for and read the next book in what is sure to be a highly successful series. Available in softcover and as an e-book  it is recommended as a good read for all ages.

Darryl Kenning, science fiction editor for Reading for Pleasure.


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