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"... one of this century's leading authors of innovative fantasy tales."

Patricia Spork, eBook Reviews Weekly

24 December 2005 Review of Army of the Dead by Patricia Spork


I enjoyed this final tale of Forgotten Legacy--wonderful ending for the series! 



Marak [The Torak]; Lyra [The Star of Sakova] and Rejji [The Astor] fulfill their destiny as ordained by their God [Kaltara] in this final saga of the Forgotten Legacy. The three brave leaders prepare defensive measures to thwart the devious mage Vand, who is empowered by his demonic God, Dobuk.

Although grossly outnumbered by Vand’s servitudal mages, ape-like creatures and Motangan army, mainland spies infiltrate the enemy forces and gain advance knowledge of the planned naval attacks. This Time of Cleansing proves fatal for both sides, as fields are burned, starvation endured and mass casualties result.

Even with mages, elves, cat people, giant spiders and a flying dragon to aid in defense, outwitting and overpowering Vand proves more difficult than imagined, especially since he’s guarded by six demons and raises the dead to fight for his dark cause. How then can the prophesized leaders defeat such a powerful enemy?

Richard S. Tuttle aptly describes defensive and offensive war strategies in this fantasy tale of good against evil. His characters - most introduced in earlier books from this series - hold true to their noble or deviant convictions to the end. Army of the Dead, although ending the Forgotten Legacy series, is like a new beginning for the author, for Mr. Tuttle can now acquaint his fans with other fantastical tales and timeless characters.

Review by Patricia Spork, Independent Book Reviewer



1 November 2005 Wilma Aftermath and the Demonstone Chronicles



Hurricane Wilma hit us rather hard. By day I pick up debris left in Wilma's wake, and by night I plan out the first book of a sequel series to the Sword of Heavens. A rough outline for the Demonstone Chronicles is already set, and I am preparing to start on Book 1, which will have a working title of Balmak: the Unknown God. The Demonstone Chronicles will chronologically take place about three years after the ending of the Sword of Heavens. Many old friends will be returning in this new series, but new faces will abound as well. 


I will be shooting for a release of Balmak: the Unknown God sometime in January 2006, but many other things are happening in my life right now. Adjusters and contractors are crawling over what's left of the roof and through the house cataloging the damage from Wilma. At times it is a little hard to concentrate on the story, so my release date may slide a bit.



23 October 2005 Hurricane Wilma



Preparation for Hurricane Wilma has monopolized my time for the past week. Not that she is upon us, I am glad that we prepared so thoroughly.


10 October 2005 Complement for a King has been submitted to a major publisher for review.


Complement for a King is my first work designed to take the traditional route to publication so it may be quite a while before we mention it here again. (note: Complement for a King is unrelated to any of my other works.)


1 June 2005 Complement for a King is now through the first edits. 


It weighs in at 300,000 words, which might be a tad long for publishers, but we will find that out later. Right now the emphasis is focused on getting it right.


31 May 2005 Sales resume at


 I had a call today from Dustin Revin of eBookAd concerning publisher cash-outs and lack of communications. He explained that eBookAd has been the victim of a rash of fraudulent transactions. He was extremely apologetic, and his explanations and apologies were warmly received. Dustin also offered to pay extra because of the delay in attending to the cash-outs, but I refused the offer as my concern was more for the continued existence of eBookAd than the money. I am pleased that the trials of fraud and lack of communications are now behind us. I look forward to continued good relations with eBookAd as one of the premier ebook retailers and will be relisting my ebooks immediately.

I wish eBookAd and Dustin Revin the best as we all move forward to make ebooks a viable industry.


25 May 2005 My ebooks no longer available at


All of my books have been removed from because of nonpayment of royalties. Despite repeated requests for payment, we have not received anything from ebookad since April 2004. Emails to them are seldom acknowledged and phone calls are never returned. It is sad to see a company in the forefront of a new technology bite the dust, but the basics of good business practices cannot be abandoned without adverse consequences.


22 April 2005 Aakuta: the Dark Mage reviewed by Molly Martin, Reviews by Molly

Exciting Read …….. Recommended ……….. 5 stars

With Aakuta: the Dark Mage, Book 4 forgotten legacy writer Tuttle maintains his customary admirable writing in the exhilarative manner readers have come to anticipate. This vibrating tale seizes reader attention from the outset with a keenly focused account. Readers are propelled along on a breathless jaunt filled with first class dialogue, nicely interwoven plots, and a masterfully engineered story line in this narrative of struggle, treacherousness and conspiracy. Conflict abounds and is aptly resolved to reader satisfaction.

In each of his previous works Richard Tuttle’s abundant imagination has carried the reader on many an exciting journey filled with well portrayed, creditable characters, tart dialogue to move the tale forward, and deftly captured environment filled with exciting locations, situations and circumstance. Aakuta: the Dark Mage Book 4 forgotten legacy furthers reader enjoyment with people and lands introduced in the work all flourishing under Tuttle’s skillful pen.

Aakuta: the Dark Mage Book 4 forgotten legacy is a spine tingling read sure to please those who enjoy a good fantasy complete with quest, hero, magik and divertissement. This is an excellent choice for upper grade youngsters and young adult’s pleasure reading. All who enjoy the genre will find the work more than acceptable.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.


24 February 2005 Interview of Richard S. Tuttle by Phyllis Bator, Marco Island Sun Times


 1 February 2005 Elvangar Top Ten Finalist in the Preditors and Editors Readers' Poll 2004


22 January 2005 Army of the Dead, the 8th and final volume of the Forgotten Legacy series has been released. The Forgotten Legacy series began in 1998 with the release of Young Lord of Khadora. Star of Sakova came out in 2000 and Web of Deceit in 2002. The series continued with Aakuta: the Dark Mage and Island of Darkness debuting in 2003. In 2004, Elvangar and Winged Warrior joined the series. It has been a long road for these characters, and I will miss them greatly.


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