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"... one of this century's leading authors of innovative fantasy tales."

Patricia Spork, eBook Reviews Weekly

8 December 2006 Council of War, Book Three of Demonstone Chronicles released in ebook formats


The Remora has sunk, and there is no way for the Alceans to return home before war breaks out. Stranded in the land of their enemy, seventeen Alceans set out to bring a quarter of a million enemy soldiers to their knees. 

Alexander Tork poses as Garth Shado, a special agent for a wealthy Tyronian merchant. To plot the destruction of his enemy, he makes alliances with all of the enemies of the Federation, but the real task will be in pulling the coalition together and coordinating the diverse forces under his command. 

Time is short and many of his new allies balk at Garth's efforts to create a Council of War. The fate of Alcea rests with the ability of the small group of Alceans to inflict damage on the Federation and obtain information on the attack plans of the enemy. Only a Council of War can ease the flow of soldiers set to attack Alcea.


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2 December 2006 Council of War reviewed by Darryl Kenning, science fiction editor of Reading for Pleasure


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21 September 2006 Interview by Phyllis Bator of the Sun Times


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13 September 2006 Final Voyage of the Remora, Book Two of Demonstone Chronicles released in ebook formats


The Demonstone Chronicles enter a new world as Alexander Tork leads a secret expedition to the unknown land of Zara. Aboard the stolen enemy ship, Remora, five Knights of Alcea are joined by three elves from Glendor and three Alcea Rangers for a hair-raising adventure that may be their last.


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30 July 2006 Review of Island of Darkness by Molly Martin, Reviews by Molly


Invigorating Read ... Recommended …. 5 stars


Island of Darkness, Book 5 forgotten legacy is a spine tingling read wherein the reader is drawn right into the turmoil by Tuttle’s clever use of language. Island of Darkness is sure to please all who enjoy a rousing fantasy complete with quest, hero, magik and excitement.


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23 July 2006 Review of Knights of Alcea by Molly Martin, Reviews by Molly


Entertaining Read …….. Recommended …. 5 stars


Knights of Alcea vibrates with excitement in this keenly focused account. Readers are catapulted along on an excited ramble filled with fast paced exchange, interwoven story lines, and an excellently masterminded theme in this recital of conflict, perfidiousness and manipulation. Antagonism abounds and is appropriately determined to reader gratification.


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10 June 2006 Interview by J. Delize Felton, Today's Fantasy Fiction.


Interviewed by J. Delize Felton, author of Terrestrial Warriors,  for the Author's Muse section of Today's Fantasy Fiction.


17 May 2006 Knights of Alcea, Book One of the Demonstone Chronicles released in ebook formats.


Knights of Alcea is both a new beginning and a continuation. The Demonstone Chronicles series begins about three years after the conclusion of the Sword of Heavens series. The Knights of Alcea have returned to their home and pursued their private lives, but that is about to change as a new threat rears its demonic head.


Old friends will reappear in the Demonstone Chronicles, and new faces will be introduced. The series will be at least three books, but it is too early to determine if it will go longer.


15 May 2006 Review of Knights of Alcea by Darryl Kenning, Science Fiction editor for Reading for Pleasure.


Fantasy author Richard S. Tuttle has crafted a long awaited novel for his new series………………..The Demonstone Chronicles


Book one in the series, Knights of Alcea, is the exciting adventure of a group of friends fighting to save their world from a sinister plot of evil domination. The author has continued his string of outstanding stories with another exciting yarn that will be enjoyed by long time readers and first timers alike. With likeable heroic characters, evil villains, and a rich subplot, readers will be left anxious for the next book in this series


 Available as an e-book in a variety of formats it is highly recommended as an excellent read for all ages.


 Darryl Kenning, Science Fiction editor for Reading for Pleasure


1 May 2006 Balmak: the Unknown God renamed to Knights of Alcea


I have discarded the working title of Balmak: the Unknown God. The actual title of Book One of the Demonstone Chronicles will be Knights of Alcea. Look for it soon!


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