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"... one of this century's leading authors of innovative fantasy tales."

Patricia Spork, eBook Reviews Weekly

10 December 2007 Print books are now available through out new bookstore.


All titles are currently available in the bookstore. The URL is

If there is enough call for hardcover editions, I will make the effort to create them, so let me hear from you if you are interesested..


9 December 2007 Review of Heirs of the Enemy by Darryl Kenning, Science Fiction Editor for Reading for Pleasure


Once again author Richard S. Tuttle has hit a home run with his latest fantasy novel in the  series, The DemonStone Chronicles adventures. In Heirs of the Enemy, the 5th book in this series. the reader follows the adventures of a group of friends out to save their country and the countries allied against them from the ravages of a brutal sneak attack and the war that seems inevitably lost.


27 November 2007 Heirs of the Enemy, Book Five of the Demonstone Chronicles, released.


Scrambling to prepare for the imminent invasion of their homeland, the Knights of Alcea respond in unorthodox ways. On the home front, the Alceans set out to design devious traps that will lessen the incredible odds facing them. In Zara, Knights of Alcea and Alcean Rangers set their sights on the heirs to the Federation thrones. On both continents, a campaign of disinformation is begun with the Alcean spymaster personally throwing himself into the very heart of the enemy’s camp.


But neither are Alutar's minions standing idle. The Claws of Alutar strike deep into the heart of Alcea, bringing death inside the walls of Tagaret, and the Great Demon's forces gain a decisive victory by finding something that was never supposed to be found.


The world is rushing to war at a dizzying pace, and there is no way to stop it. Or is there?


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28 July 2007 Review of Elvangar by Molly Martin, Reviews by Molly


Elvangar is one of his best.  Tuttle’s tale weaves, dips and rushes through electrifying settings, touching situations and at times almost baffling episodes. Readers must keep on their toes. Characters we have learned to trust continue to speak to us through the magic of Writer Tuttle’s fertile imagination.


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17 July 2007 Review of Demonkin by Darryl Kenning, Science Fiction editor for Reading for Pleasure


This is one of Mr. Tuttle’s best novels to date, and will be enjoyed by long time fantasy readers and those just starting in the fantasy genre. 


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26 June 2007 Demonkin, Book Four of Demonstone Chronicles released in ebook formats


As two continents prepare for a world-wide war, a small group of Alceans plot to free the Dielderal elves from the grip of the Federation. The goal is to make the elves simply disappear, but over a thousand elven children are held captive in the four major cities of the Federation, and the Dielderal elves will not flee while their children are endangered. 


Complicating matters are the 'births' of a new breed of demonkin, the Claws of Alutar. While the K'san demonkin are charged with crushing Alcea, the Claws of Alutar are singular in purpose. Their goal is to assassinate the heroes of the Mage, and their victory would spell far more than defeat for Alcea, as the world would crumble into a decaying ball of misery.


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