Dragons' Onyx

Review by Molly Martin , Reviews by Molly

Dragons' Onyx: Book Six of Sword of Heavens by Richard S. Tuttle


Enjoyed the Read Highly recommended 5 stars

Following a recap of the sword of heavens series to date Writer Tuttle’s fertile imagination again drives him forward. Dragons’ Onyx is filled many of the richly drawn series characters we have come to enjoy. Dialog is fraught with excitement. Settings rich in detail as Tuttle has filled his previous works continue in this gripping narrative. Powerful motivations, twists of story line, abundant conflict all are presented with the same enthusiasm, fervor of setting and page turning fast paced drama found in the previous offerings crafted by this talented author. Dragons’ Onyx brings the reader further into a land where craftiness and magic rule. We are again treated to an abiding story peopled with characters who only improve with each new offering. Victors grow more daring. Scoundrels are more unscrupulous as they realize power is slipping away from them. The young and intrepid continue aging, and still have not lost exuberance or vitality.

Dragons’ Onyx continues Tuttle’s fervid passion for the genre. Powerful motivations, cleverly interwoven plot, profusely drawn settings filled with incertitude are all part of what we have come to expect from this quick-witted writer. The reader is drawn straight into the ongoing tale from the opening paragraph of this installment when we read of Lattimer and his realization that something has happened in the magic fold of the world and is carried along on through the exhilarative struggle waged by Arik and his followers. Reader interest is maintained right down to the last paragraphs when Wyka praises Arik for accomplishing what he must.

Excellent addition to the home library for the fantasy enthusiast. Happy to recommend.

Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

King Arik has been crowned. Lattimer at the castle of man feels a shudder in the magic field, realizes Arik is crowned and ponders what will come next. Sarac has been growing more and more angry, however now he is calm. The dragons’ onyx is the next stone needed to complete the sword of heaven. Sarac tells Lattimer he knows he has been confused, says his magic force lifted off when the emerald was fitted into sword. Sarac learned the spell for darkness from Alutar. Lattimer is surprised to learn Alutar has tricked Sarac, and once the sword is complete and the darkness gone Alutar will be returned. Lattimer has persuaded strongest dragon, Gorga to Sarac’s side and not even Jenneva’s powers will thwart Gorga in his determination to keep the onyx. Black devil Dalgar has replaced Emperor Hanchi, Sarac wants Hanchi’s army to aid in his plan to destroy the castle of Man, end the prophecy then find and destroy Alutar.

Sarac must be killed with the sword of heaven, Fredrik is practicing with the sword when Master Mustar arrives to visit camp. Arik and his followers have been waiting for the emerald to be restored to the sword. Mustar surprises Fredrik when he says Arik must not be allowed to complete the sword of heavens. Fredrik is confused because Mustar has come to stop Arik. Mustar knows Alutar has fooled everyone. They think Alutar is locked away, however this is not true. The darkness has not been destroyed, it rolls away, and the darkness is alive with essence of Alutar when the seventh stone is set in sword then Alutar will coalesce from the darkness. It is Fredrik’s responsibility to explain Mustar’s message to Arik. The onyx must be retrieved, Arik decides to deal with the greater problem of Alutar after the onyx is returned to the sword. Dragon Wyka aids Arik, Gorga has been suffering from dementia for some time. With the return of the onyx the darkness is rolled back, young dragons fly after the retreating darkness to see where it has gone. Wyka is returned to her royal state. And Arik and his followers are ready for the final quest to find the last stone needed.







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