'Star of Sakova'

Review by Patricia Spork, eBook Reviews Weekly


Star of Sakova: Book Two of Forgotten Legacy by Richard S. Tuttle


Richard S. Tuttle is to be doubly congratulated for Book Two of the Forgotten Legacy series. Star of Sakova is masterfully engineered, correlating his heroine's country's history to that of his hero's in Book One. The many characters are well fleshed and conflicts are abundant and aptly resolved to great satisfaction. I very highly recommend Star of Sakova: Book Two of Forgotten Legacy as a must read, especially as the follow-up to Book One of the fantasy series. Readers will not be disappointed!

Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

Raiders attack The Omunga Academy of Magic, killing guards, students and instructors, and kidnap the owner, mage master Malafar. His young daughter, Lyra, and two friends, Syman and Antello, hide beneath the moat's drawbridge and escape being captured or murdered. After the attack, Lyra finds her dying mother, Rhodella, who tells her to go to Temiker, Malafar's brother and Master of a magic academy in Alamar. Once at her uncle's, she is to seek RavenWing. Not knowing RavenWing, but to honor her mother's request, Lyra and her two companions begin the long and dangerous journey to Alamar. The trip is made more dangerous once they learn Lyra is blamed for the deaths and destruction at the academy.

 To avoid the Imperial Guard and unknown assassins, the three youths trek through forbidden Sakova -- a jungle supposedly filled with evil spirits and cannibalistic Sakova people . . . a jungle where those who enter are never seen again. But facing Sakovans on ten-foot wingless, meat-eating warbirds (chokas) is not as thwarting as finding out that she, Lyra, is the prophesied leader (Star) of Sakova.

 Alazar, First Minister of Omunga, conspires to use Lyra's father, Malafar, to assassinate the Omunga ruler, and then take his place as the "Katana". Once in that position, Alazar plans on extinguishing the Sakovans and conquering and ruling Lord Marak's growing empire in Khadora. But Alazar is not aware of Lyra's unheard of mage powers or her growing love for Sakova and its people. The shrewd minister does not realize the risks he takes by framing Sakovans for Omunga murders and devastation, or by confronting the much-loved Star of Sakova.






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