'Sapphire of the Fairies'

Review by Molly Martin , Reviews by Molly

Sapphire of the Fairies: Book One of Sword of Heavens by Richard S. Tuttle


Excellent read …… highly recommended…….. 5 stars

In "Sapphire of the Fairies: Book one of Sword of Heavens" Writer Tuttle has produced another humdinger in his delightful first in a series. The enterprise is filled with the well developed characters, pithy dialogue and fast paced action we have enjoyed in Tuttle's previous works. From the opening line where we are drawn into the action with the screaming of an unseen woman right down to the last paragraph when we at last understand role of "The Sapphire of the Fairies" and what it portends for Arik the reader is held captivated.

Arik and Tedi are much more than they might appear when first introduced, the villains are filled with enough evil to thrill and the champions are heroic in every sense. Author Tuttle's written output only improves as he continues producing volume upon volume of excellent work. The twists and turns of plot are a delight as always. One nice addition to this manuscript is a full page map of the diversified areas offered in the various series of works to date.

Enjoyed the read very much.

Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

Fisherman's Inn in Lorgo is shocked into action by a woman's early morning screams. Arik Clava the rabbit peddler has long held a fascination with what the old world was like before the collapse of the universe. Esta Tern the innkeeper is in no mood for either screaming women or inquisitive youngsters. In the old days many merchants traveled from town to town. Today Arik must make due with the occasional peddler to help him broaden his understanding of the world in which he lives. The arrival of Master Khatama signals a change coming for Arik and his closest friend Tedi.

Meeting the bandit Garth, a gypsy woman named Kalina and overhearing a chance conversation in a distant town bring both young men more adventure than they had dreamed possible living as the sons of fishermen in the little village where they were born.

"Sapphire of the Fairies" presents an array of acceptable characters set against an opulent tapestry of clamor, redolence, liveliness and activity for the reader to savor as they read through the pages of this well crafted narrative. The Children of the Ancient Prophecy have managed to avoid detection over the seventeen years elapsing since the end of the Targa Trilogy. The baneful forces of Sarac are as busy in pursuit of them as ever. Sarac is aware that the Children exist. However no one, not even themselves, realizes which two of the young travelers are the ones who are the true Children of Prophecy. The Children join with gypsies to restore the ancient Sword of Heavens. It is the only thing that can defeat Sarac.






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