Winged Warrior

Review by Patricia Spork, eBook Reviews Weekly

Winged Warrior: Book Seven of Forgotten Legacy by Richard S. Tuttle


"...masterful saga of good against evil."

Richard S. Tuttle superbly conveys military strategies and religious faith in his fantasy book "Winged Warrior: Book 7 of Forgotten Legacy." Although these are not unusual topics in the Forgotten Legacy series, this book is second to the last in the series, and much is at stake for the final conclusion to this masterful saga of good against evil. Strategy and faith can lead to victory. So Mr. Tuttle fills "Winged Warrior" with both, for good and evil sides. So whose strategies and faith will lead to victory? Only Richard S. Tuttle knows for sure as he shares the conflicts encountered by protagonists and antagonists, leading readers to the final resolution and outcome of the Forgotten Legacy.

I recommend "Winged Warrior: Book 7 of Forgotten Legacy" to all Mr. Tuttle's fans and to anyone with an interest in fantasy tales.

  Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

"Winged Warrior: Book 7 of Forgotten Legacy" by Richard S. Tuttle gives details about how the "false god" Vand has been allowed to live for centuries catering to Dobuk, "The Great Demon". "The Time of Cleansing" has begun, and Vand's naval ships strike against Sakovan coastal cities. Warriors massacre innocents, while Vand's spies mingle amidst his enemies and air tunnel communication is compromised. War has begun for the ancient city of Angragar and for all ruling power for Vand.

Marak, the Torak, must focus on inner strife as neighboring lords lay claim to lands lived upon by Chula peoples. Lyra, Star of Sakova, must find a spy believed to be one of her closet allies. Rejji, the Astor, seeks help from Myka, a talking dragon - a "Winged Warrior" with knowledge of the prophecies foretold of the Torak, Star, and Astor. With the winged warrior's assistance, the elves of Elvangar may become allies against Vand. But conspiracy transpires in Elvangar, as members of the "Society of Mages" plan the deaths of the reigning family.

On the Island of Darkness, Aakuta, father of Lyra and spy for Lord Marak is double-crossed by his love, Lady Mystic, daughter of Vand. Aakuta's life is endangered, so a Chula shaman - who takes the form of a black panther - volunteers to spy on the dangerous Island of Darkness. But Vand is an adversary of great power with thousands of followers on his island, and his intentions are to destroy all who do not favor him or his master, Dobuk.


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