'Web of Deceit'

Review by Molly Martin, Reviews by Molly

Web of Deceit: Book Three of Forgotten Legacy by Richard S. Tuttle


Enjoyed the read . Highly Recommended

Filled with lots of adventure, excitement, magic and intrigue "Web of Deceit" is the third in this well developed series produced by writer Richard Tuttle. "Web of Deceit" is filled with the same admirable clever writing, collection of appealing characters and well wrought story line we have come to enjoy in the previous works. Dialogue is snappy, often tart, and fiduciary as the various characters interact with one another. Situations are developed in a plausible manner by writer Tuttle. Battle scenes are filled with enough magic and stress to please the most discriminating reader of the genre.

The reader is drawn right into the narrative offered in "Web of Deceit" from the opening scene as we peer down upon the decimated army standing along the Qu River. Tuttle's excellent descriptive writing keeps the reader moving on an exciting clash of emotion as Rejji and Mistake meet first one adversity and then another until at last the book ends on a satisfying, not wholly predictable note.

"Web of Deceit" continues the excitement we found in Tuttle's Young Lord of Khadora and Star of Sakova. Those who relish the genre will enjoy Web of Deceit.

Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

Because Rejji collects teeth from the sea to earn money for his village he is not present when the small community is overrun and destroyed. Upon his return to the hamlet Rej discovers a young woman hiding in the well. She tells him she is hiding from the Red Riders who destroyed his home and slew everyone he knew.

It is time for Brontos the trader to return and Rej and Mistake set out with the old man when he arrives. Brontos warns Rej that he should not bury the dead; it will only alert someone or something that there was a survivor and that can prove to be disastrous.

Rejji and Mistake leave Brontos as they continue on their journey to find the Sage of the Mountain. The pair meet another youngster, become the property of slavers, meet the Sage, and begin a new life none of them realized they might know. 





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