'Web of Deceit'

Review by Patricia Spork, eBook Reviews Weekly

Web of Deceit: Book Three of Forgotten Legacy by Richard S. Tuttle


I very highly recommend Web of Deceit

Richard S. Tuttle continues the Forgotten Legacy, following Young Lord of Khadora and Star of Sakova in superb manner. Web of Deceit is another masterfully written book, so much so, that the story will leave writers envious and readers fascinated by the imagination and creativity garnered by Mr. Tuttle. In my opinion, the fantasy Forgotten Legacy is comparable to the magnificent science fiction epic Star Wars, considering the many well-drawn out characters (heroes and villains), effective dialogue, defined settings and scenes, and the abundant conflicts and resolutions that form the sub-plots and main plot of the entire story of the seven book tale thus far. I very highly recommend Web of Deceit and the two other books mentioned above to all die-hard fantasy readers.

Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

After gathering fossilized shark teeth as a trading commodity for supporting the small village where he lives, teen Rejji returns to find everyone dead, including his grandfather. He also finds a stranger-Mistake, a girl thief-in the village well, and she tells him about the "Red Riders" onslaught. Merchant, Brontos, arrives, warning them something evil feeds on the dead at night, and that to bury the villagers could cause others to be massacred in Fakara. Heeding the warning, Rejji does not bury his grandfather and friends, and joins Mistake to find "Sage of the Mountain" in quest of her parents.

Rejji is unaware of immense danger from Grulak, leader of the Jiadin tribe, and Veltar, his wizard advisor. The two scheme to join all tribes in Fakara to attack the neighboring Khadora clans. Seeing a vision of Diakles, Grulak's son, endangered by a boy with a crescent in the palm of his hand, Veltar had ordered the Red Riders to Rejji's village to murder him, only to have the boy escape the planned death. Declaring Rejji a demon, the search to find and kill the boy continues.

Before reaching the mountains or found by Red Riders, Rejji is captured by local bandits. They train Rejji to ride horses and use a sword, then release him because of his thirsting revenge on Jiadin. Again, Rejji and Mistake set out for the mountains, only to be caught by slavers and sold to Khadorans.

As luck would have it, Marak, Lord of Fardale, soon frees Rejji, Mistake, and new friend, Bakhai, from slavery. Rejji is offered a deal with Marak-that of opening a trading port in Fakara. Accepting the offer, Rejji, Mistake (the elf mage) and Bakhai, (the animal talker) set out for Fakara, their first priority being finding the Sage of the Mountain. But Jiadin attempt to capture them, so the three trek through the Qubari Jungle, encountering flesh-eating trolls, poisonous, biting fish, Tyriks-large, carnivorous spiders, and Qubari guardians of Angragar-the ancient city inhabited by deadly "hellsouls".

Will Mistake ever find the Sage of the Mountain? Will Bakhai ever learn how he is able to communicate with animals? Will Rejji ever avenge his grandfather's death? These and many more questions are answered in the fascinating Book Three of Forgotten Legacy.


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