'Young Lord of Khadora'

Review by Patricia Spork, eBook Reviews Weekly


Young Lord of Khadora: Book One of Forgotten Legacy by Richard S. Tuttle


Richard S. Tuttle expertly delivers a fast-paced fantasy tale in Book One of Forgotten Legacy. Young Lord of Khadora is filled with exceptional dialogue, exciting action, intriguing suspense, and clever and conniving characters that seem all too real. Tuttle definitely has a gift for fantasy writing. I look forward to reading the second book in this series. I highly recommend Young Lord of Khadora as an ideal fantasy read.


Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

Marak, a Situ Clan soldier in Khadora, moves up the ranks quickly for a young man, even though his mother, Glenda, is a slave and Soil Mage-one whose magic makes the earth yield bountiful harvests. But Khadoran law does not allow Marak to speak to his mother, so he hates Khadoran culture and despises slavery. Thinking his father dead, Marak's love for his only parent has him sneak to meet her, but he is caught and brought before Lord Marshall Grefon. Thinking his punishment to be slavery, Marak is surprised when Grefon informs him of the recent promotion from Squad Leader to Cortain. As Cortain, Marak has rights to visit his mother. Marak's happiness is short-lived, for Lord of Fardale is killed by Chula-cat-like people that ride tigers and panthers, and have transformation and invisibility powers.

Lord of the Situ clan, Lord Ridak, along with Lord Marshall Grefon, designate Marak as Lord of Fardale and give him the responsibility of meeting grain contracts by harvest time. Ridak and Grefon feel the contracts cannot be met and plan to blame Marak when the expected grain is not delivered. But Marak is wiser than the two men think, and he requests "absolute powers" as Lord of Fardale, granting others the right of allegiance to him through "Vows of Service". Once Marak is at Fardale, he frees all slaves, assigns a woman as Bursar (finance manager), and teaches Air, Sun, Soil and Water Mages to use magic as weaponry; and cleverly and tactically makes peace with the cat-people and gets Vows of Service from three neighboring clans.

Marak breaks from the Situ clan in his effort to change Khadoran ways and forms his own clan: Torak Clan. Tmundo, Leader of Kywara Tribe (cat-people), gives Marak the Sword of Torak. Marak accepts the gift in friendship, unaware of a prophecy about him and the sword. The Sword of Torak becomes the Torak Clan symbol to restore honor and freedom to all Khadorans. But Ridak and Grefon will do anything necessary to cease Marak's growing reign of power, even if it means killing him, his mother and the entire Torak Clan.






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