'Young Lord of Khadora'

Review by Stephen Gambuti, author of Center Moon: The Stone of Cordova

Young Lord of Khadora: Book One of Forgotten Legacy by Richard S. Tuttle


Young Lord of Khadora is the first story in the Forgotten Legacy series. Before I begin, I must warn you that this first story is quite addicting.

Richard Tuttle sets the stage for his fantastic world known as Khadora. There are several estates in this land, which are run by different Clans. The first book deals with two types of people. The cat people known as the Chula and ordinary folk like us.

The story begins with a war being waged between the Chula and the Situ Clan over farming land. The Fardale sector of the Situ Clan needs to produce more grain and tries to take  over the Chula’s land to meet their contract demands. However, the Chula will not let that happen and kill off the leadership of the Situ Clan in the Fardale Estate.

The Fardale Estate is the closet land holding that the Situ has near the Chula. There are other estates that are run by other Clans, but they are not aggressive towards the cat people like the Situ Clan.

In Young Lord, the main character, Marak, a squad leader in the Situ Army quickly rises to the top of the Situ Clan. Marak is the son of a slave and never knew his father. His whole life has been an internal struggle for maintaining his relationship with his slave mother and gallantly serving the lord who enslaved her. Due to the shortage of leadership in the Situ Clan, Marak finds himself the new Lord of Fardale.

Lord Ridak, the ruler of the entire Situ Clan grants Marak the lordship of their Fardale Estate in hopes that the young lord will fail in his attempts to meet Fardale’s extraneous grain contract.

If the young lord, Marak does not succeed in Fardale there could be a lucrative future for Lord Ridak’s corrupt Clan. What he does not know, is just how much of a mistake he actually made by placing Marak in charge.

Richard Tuttle has many series available for you to enjoy. I began reading this on my tablet pc and drained the batteries because I refused to put it down. In fact, I stayed on the couch with the power adapter plugged in so I could continue enjoying the very clever tale Tuttle has created.

I would not only recommend this book, but suggest you read the entire series. Young Lord of Khadora is only one of Richard Tuttle’s fantastic stories in the Forgotten Legacy series.



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