'Young Lord of Khadora'

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Young Lord of Khadora: Book One of Forgotten Legacy by Richard S. Tuttle


his is a fast-paced fantasy tale. "Young Lord of Khadora" is filled with excellent dialogue, exciting action, appealing suspense. The characters are well developed. The author has a gift for fantasy writing. The only drawback to the book was that the author chose to use a small font, which many readers may find a little hard to read. Although fantasy is not one of my favorite genres, this is a good story and I highly recommend "Young Lord of Khadora" as an ideal read for any fantasy lover.

Synopsis: (May reveal much of the plot)

Marak is a Situ Clan soldier in Khadora. His mother is a slave and Soil Mage-one. Khadoran law does not allow Marak to speak to his mother. Because of this, he hates Khadoran culture and despises slavery. Marak attempts to see his mother but he is caught and brought before Lord Marshall Grefon. Thinking his punishment to be slavery, Marak is surprised when Grefon informs him of his recent promotion from Squad Leader to Cortain. As Cortain, Marak has rights to visit his mother. Marak's happiness is short-lived for the Lord of Fardale is killed by the Chula, a cat-like people.

Marak is soon designated as Lord of Fardale and given the responsibility of meeting grain contracts by harvest time. If the contracts cannot be met, the plan is to blame Marak. But Once Marak is at Fardale, he frees all slaves, assigns a new finance manager and teaches Air, Sun, Soil and Water Mages to use magic as weaponry. He cleverly and tactically makes peace with the cat-people and gets Vows of Service from three neighboring clans. Marak breaks from the Situ clan and forms his own clan in an effort to change Khadoran ways. But, the other Lords will do anything necessary to put an end to Marak's reign of power, even if it means killing him, his mother and his entire Clan.

Marak is not the usual clan soldier. His mother is a mage slave to the clan lord, as such Marak is not allowed to even speak to her. His unknown father is supposed to be dead. The fearsome Chula cat people have been decimating the clan lord's slave lumbermen as they work to bring in the quota of timber from the Stari Valley. Situ soldiers are sent to protect the lumberman. As a warning to those waiting for the logs Togi alone is left alive to carry back the shredded bodies.

Following the attack Marak is sent on a fool's errand against the Chula. What sets Marak apart from the other soldier slaves is his antipathy for Khadoran civilization. In Khadoran civilization the mages are most always slaves who mind fields, soldiers are taught to follow orders without thought of consequence. The workers on the various clan estates are treated much as are the actual slaves. The young soldier sets out to effect near impossible changes by using his military deftness, penetrating militant mind and even a little of his mother's powers.

Marak does not know how the local population will relate to his innovative thoughts. However he is determined to begin a reformation of the society into which he has been born. It is not long before Marak faces the Chula, the clan to which he belongs, rival clan lords and what seems to be near impossible odds against success. Along his journey the young soldier is astounded to learn his father is not dead, and his own mantle as slave is not one he will always wear.






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