Young Lord of Khadora - Reviews

Book One of the Forgotten Legacy

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Review 1: Molly Martin - Molly's Reviews

Good read, Recommended

Writer Tuttle has a fine start on a fantasy series based on another world filled with well developed situations, people, locations and mores. The Young Lord of Khadora is a fast paced action filled work that reaches out to grab the reader from the opening scenes when we begin to understand what this strange and often time dangerous world the land of the Khadoran's is all about. Tuttle's main character is a likeable young man torn between his duty as military squad leader and his love for the only parent he has known.

The Young Lord of Khadora is filled with gritty scenes and gritty dialogue sure to keep the reader on the edge of the seat. Marak faces not only the unfairness of having to pretend his mother is not right before him most of the time, but his commanding officer wants to cause Marak a problem that will lead to the youngster becoming a slave as is his mother. The reader is drawn right into the turmoil by Tuttle's clever use of language. Before long the reader is cheering as Marak begins to see his life improving a little.

The Young Lord of Khadora is a must read for those who enjoy 'other world' and fantastical characters presented in a plausible manner by a skilful weaver of tales.

Review 2: Patricia Spork - eBook Reviews Weekly

Richard S. Tuttle expertly delivers a fast-paced fantasy tale in Book One of Forgotten Legacy. Young Lord of Khadora is filled with exceptional dialogue, exciting action, intriguing suspense, and clever and conniving characters that seem all too real. Tuttle definitely has a gift for fantasy writing. I look forward to reading the second book in this  series. I highly recommend Young Lord of Khadora as an ideal fantasy read.

Review 3 Darryl Kenning - Science Fiction Editor for Reading for Pleasure
Author Richard S. Tuttle has created a classic fantasy novel in "Young Lord of Khadora". With a well scripted plot and  likeable characters this is an ideal book to introduce new readers to Fantasy literature and, as the first book in the series "Forgotten Legacy", it made me anxious to look for and read the next book in what is sure to be a highly successful series. Available in soft cover and as an e-book  it is recommended as a good read for all ages.
Review 4 Stephen Gambuti, author of Center Moon: The Stone of Cordova

Richard Tuttle has many series available for you to enjoy. I began reading this on my tablet pc and drained the batteries because I refused to put it down. In fact, I stayed on the couch with the power adapter plugged in so I could continue enjoying the very clever tale Tuttle has created.  

 I would not only recommend this book, but suggest you read the entire series. Young Lord of Khadora is only one of Richard Tuttle’s fantastic stories in the Forgotten Legacy series.

Review 5 Readers Favorite
  This is a fast-paced fantasy tale. "Young Lord of Khadora" is filled with excellent dialogue, exciting action, appealing suspense. The characters are well developed. The author has a gift for fantasy writing. The only drawback to the book was that the author chose to use a small font, which many readers may find a little hard to read. Although fantasy is not one of my favorite genres, this is a good story and I highly recommend "Young Lord of Khadora" as an ideal read for any fantasy lover.

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