Knights of Alcea - Reviews

Book One of the Demonstone Chronicles

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Review 1 Darryl Kenning, Science Fiction editor for Reading for Pleasure

Fantasy author Richard S. Tuttle has crafted a long awaited novel for his new series………………..The Demonstone Chronicles


Book one in the series, Knights of Alcea, is the exciting adventure of a group of friends fighting to save their world from a sinister plot of evil domination. The author has continued his string of outstanding stories with another exciting yarn that will be enjoyed by long time readers and first timers alike. With likeable heroic characters, evil villains, and a rich subplot, readers will be left anxious for the next book in this series


 Available as an e-book in a variety of formats it is highly recommended as an excellent read for all ages.


 Darryl Kenning, Science Fiction editor for Reading for Pleasure

Review 2 Molly Martin - Molly's Reviews
  Entertaining Read ... Recommended ... 5 stars

Knights of Alcea Book One Demonstone Chronicles is a spine tingling read wherein the reader is drawn right into the turmoil by Tuttle’s clever use of language. Knights of Alcea is sure to please all who enjoy a rousing fantasy complete with quest, hero, magik and excitement. This is an excellent choice for the upper grade youngster’s and young adult’s pleasure reading shelf. Knights of Alcea has a place on the home library shelf as well as the school library. All who enjoy the genre are sure to find the work more than acceptable.


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