Star of Sakova - Reviews

Book Two of the Forgotten Legacy

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Review 1: Molly Martin - Molly's Reviews

Exciting read…….. 5 stars……….. highly recommended

The action never stops as the reader is carried along on a wild journey filled with everything we have come to expect from excellent writers of fantasy sci-fi.

Come observe an extraordinary land springing from the fertile mind of Writer Tuttle on the pages of the Star of Sakova.

The Star of Sakova
is an exciting work continuing the saga begun in Tuttle’s Young Lord of Khadora.

The Star of Sakova is a fast paced action packed work occupied with a rich tapestry of spectacle, timbre, conflict and duplicity. Tuttle is a fine young writer to be reckoned with in the genre.

Review 2: Patricia Spork - eBook Reviews Weekly
  Richard S. Tuttle is to be doubly congratulated for Book Two of the Forgotten Legacy series. Star of Sakova is masterfully engineered, correlating his heroine's country's history to that of his hero's in Book One. The many characters are well fleshed and conflicts are abundant and aptly resolved to great satisfaction. I very highly recommend Star of Sakova: Book Two of Forgotten Legacy as a must read, especially as the follow-up to Book One of the fantasy series. Readers will not be disappointed!
Review 3: The Mole - Our Book Reviews Online
  I cannot say too many times and how much I did enjoy it!

I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to fantasy readers of all ages.


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